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New elephant print in my shop!


file_000-7Friends, I am so excited to share with you a new print available in my shop! It’s called Elephant Snuggles, and it’s available here. It’s made on beautifully textured, recycled paper and digitally printed in Maryland using 100% wind power. Each print is 8×10 inches, signed and numbered in pencil on the back, and ready to frame.

Great for kids and adults alike!

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Ears & Dears Heirloom Dolls


I am so happy to present to you my latest collaboration! My tattooed wolf lady art print, which releases today, was inspired by the embroidered heirloom dolls of Ears & Dears. We’ve joined forces in a giveaway: you can win a precious wolf lady doll, complete with a hand-knit shawl and bag, as well as one of my signed wolf lady prints. Hop on over to instagram to enter our giveaway for this doll and art print combo!

Lena is the creative talent behind these heirloom creatures. I invite you to take a behind-the-scenes look into her new shop, in her own words! (more…)

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Have You Seen My Cute Baby? (Also: my shop is open)

clementine wetzel

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I took a break from my art business to have a baby. She’s here now! Her name is Clementine and we are head over heels bonkers for her.

It’s been almost two months since the birth. I’ve had some struggles with recovery and adjusting to postpartum life. And, even though I am not yet ready to tackle any commissions, I’m really excited to share my art with you. (more…)

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Flash Sale – Cactus Christmas Cards

cactus critters texas texan wildlife

Have a Merry Cactus Christmas!

My etsy shop might be closed for the Holidays, but I can’t help myself…I’m bubbling over with new creations!

Like this DESERT CRITTERS themed cactus CHRISTMAS CARD inspired by Texan Wildlife!

Join the raccoon, wildcat, oriole, armadillo and worried little prairie dog as they deck the cactus out in holiday cheer! (more…)

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New Animal Portraits: Honey Bee, Baboon, Owl & Bear

bumble bumblebee honeybee boy dressup

Hello there, honey bee!

I have new portraits to share with you that are a part of my Animal Personality Portrait series. Each of the portraits this week is a custom painting done in watercolor and ink on 9 x 12 inch watercolor paper.

I am so excited about the warm reception this project received last week. A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who have started following my art, and especially to those of you who shared about my promotion online!

You’ve got ONE DAY LEFT to sign up for your Animal Personality Portrait & still take advantage of the 12-pack of free custom stickers + guaranteed delivery in time for the holidays. Click here for general information on commissioning a one-of-a-kind animal portrait.

And EMAIL ME at if you have any questions, or once you’re ready to get started! (more…)

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Discover the Wild Animal Inside of Your Loved Ones

animal personality portrait bear sable

Inside of each of us there lives a wild spirit.

It’s easy to overlook this intangible part of our being, but it creeps up into our awareness, through our nicknames, our slang, our childlike imaginations. We often use animals to help us describe the otherwise indescribable aspects of ourselves.

What is the difference between a hug and a bear hug? What do we mean when we say one person is sheepish and another is foxy?

Animals make terrific analogies for the different parts of the human spirit or the different personalities that people exhibit. Animals are fun. They are whimsical. And the anthropomorphism of our favorite critters is something that has been around ever since children sat around a fire listening to the first fables and stories known to man.

We tend to compartmentalize our concept of The Physical apart from our concept of The Metaphysical. But what if the two were intertwined all along? What if the skin on our faces reflected the face of our souls? What would that look like?

Maybe it looks something like this. (more…)

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Updates: Note Cards Now Available and My Next Project!

Oh deer cards

I am excited to announce that I am now offering note cards in my shop!

My popular Oh Deer print is now available in a 4-pack of note cards.  It has been a journey this last year finding a printer that makes quality note cards; after dozens of test prints from shops far and wide, I’ve found the perfect match. The subtle and soft quality of the watercolors comes across wonderfully, and the card stock is a smooth, matte paper and feels excellent and is very easy to write on.

You can buy the note cards here! (more…)

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Oh Deer! Free Download and Holiday Sale!

oh deer watercolor print ekwetzel free download

I want to take this moment to give something back.

I went through a lot of trials this last season, a lot of little things, one after another, piling up on each other. I felt like I was drowning.

So I shared my struggles. And I was astonished.

So many people rallied around my family with support and encouragement, and so many others contacted me, sharing their own struggles, and telling me they found hope in knowing they were not alone. (more…)

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