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On the Threshold of Fear

threshold fear

I never thought that I would be accepted as a vendor for Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle this winter. Renegade is huge. Their Instagram account alone has 139,000 followers. I had to put up my entire booth fee with my application, and all autumn I was making plans for what I would do with the money when they rejected me and I got my refund. (more…)

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New Release: 2016 Keepsake Ornament


The 2016 Keepsake Ornament!

Ever since my first Christmas, my family added a new ornament to the tree. I carried this tradition forward with my own family. My kids each have a shoe box with a lined piece of paper full of dates and descriptions and names of loved ones who sent us a token of their affection to hang on our Christmas tree. (more…)

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Makers Who Give


When the heaviness of the world gets me down, the best ways I know to light the darkness is by nurturing my friendships, making art, and finding ways to help others.

And when you support an artist like me, you help keep our creative community alive, and we want to give something back. (more…)

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Six New Paintings: Newborn Vuk, from Serbian folklore


Wolves survive because they embody a fierceness that frightens their enemies and a passion that sustains their loved ones. According to Vuk Karadžić–the father of the study of Serbian folklore–in this Slavic tradition, a woman who had lost several babies in succession would name her newborn son Vuk (translated: wolf), because it was believed that the witches, who “ate” the babies, were afraid to attack the wolves. (more…)

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