My Name Is Erin,

I am a single mom to two little girls: Phoebe and Clementine. My daughters are the inspiration for my work. They are also interwoven into my process of creating art while I carry them with me through each day as a homemaker and homeschooler. It’s a messy, beautiful, disarming experience that is constantly challenging and changing me.

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There is extraordinary beauty in ordinary moments, we just need the opportunity to stop and see it. I am always looking for ways to open hearts with my work, to take the pain that life presents us with and paint it into something meaningful. When we capture a moment and create art out of it, that act of creation is a statement: There Is Something Important Here. Life is full of connection; art just reminds us how to look for it.

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My goal with my art is to touch people in tender ways and remind them that joy is deeper than sorrow.

Drop me a line & say, “Hi!” My email address is hello@ekwetzel.com.

And thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet!


Find me:
email: hello@ekwetzel.com
instagramekwetzel (or) ekwetzel_art ✩ facebookekwetzel ✩ twitterekwetzel ✩ tumblr ekwetzel

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