My Name Is Erin,

I am a mama to two little girls, Phoebe and Clementine, and I am married to the best man I know. We hunt for treasures in thrift stores and read piles of books. We dance in the Washington rain. We play video games. And we try not to kill our garden (but we always, inevitably, do).

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I Want to Make the World a Better Place

I am always looking for the underlying meaning and value in everything. Much of my work focuses on finding extraordinary beauty in ordinary moments.

What inspires me to create art is the fact that, no matter how awful life gets, we can always survive. There is always something good that survives. There is always a flower growing wildly in a field, an act of kindness waiting for a weary soul, a rainbow after the storm.

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Life is full of beauty; art just reminds us how to look for it. When we capture a moment and create art out of it, that act of creation is a statement: There Is Beauty Here. I feel things deeply and passionately, and I want to share that passion with others. I want my art to give people hope, to encourage connectivity and love.

Drop me a line & say, “Hi!” My email address is hello@ekwetzel.com.

And thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet!


Find me:
email: hello@ekwetzel.com
instagramekwetzel (or) ekwetzel_art ✩ facebookekwetzel ✩ twitterekwetzel ✩ tumblr ekwetzel

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